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Whatsapp Messenger warning.

Everything you say and write can and will be used against you.

Whatsapp Messenger by Facebook listens anytime, anywhere.

The messenger ignores all security precautions and spies diligently with.

It looks like the microphone is always active in the background.

The Chinese security software from MIUI actively warns the user that the microphone is constantly active.

When installing Whatsapp, only a few authorizations are requested by the user, but the program has access to everything.

With MIUI systems, the whole thing becomes obvious. Even if autostart and notifications etc. are switched off and blocked, the Whatsapp Messenger by Facebook doesn't seem to mind at all.

While you have to distribute permissions with other messengers, Whatsapp seems to be really hacking into your smartphone.

When the smartphone is nearby and in standby, conversations are recorded and relevant advertising from partner companies is then displayed everywhere.

Facebook thus defies all applicable law and diligently spies on.

Entrepreneurs and people whose data are important should remove Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.


Particle accelerator in silicon chip size.

Physicists at Stanford University have built a chip-size particle accelerator.

This miniature particle accelerator reaches a whopping 0.915 kiloelectronvolts with a distance of only 30 micrometers.

The mini accelerator should reach a total of 30.5 megaelectron volts in one meter. This would be enough for 94% of the speed of light.

The accelerator works with pulsating laser beams in the infrared wavelength range.

If the researchers succeed in learning this in the UV light spectrum, completely new worlds would open up.

Pulsating laser beams generate a strong impulse. The infrared range is the longest in the light spectrum and therefore the easiest to accelerate particles. The UV range, on the other hand, is radioactive and of extremely short wavelength, which would bring a much higher yield.

The areas of application would be primarily in medicine, but further developments could enormously reduce the costs even for large particle accelerators.

In the future, it would also be possible to accommodate large particle accelerators such as CERN in the smallest space, with different types of lasers providing different results.


Fusion reactor as a gravitational drive.

Researchers have successfully operated a fusion reactor that can generate gravitation at the same time.

With the help of particle accelerators and ionizing particle radiation, it is possible to operate a fusion reactor stably and to generate gravity differently than with magnets.

This technology makes it possible to bend the room and get from a to b faster.

Gravitational fields can be generated with relatively little energy.

The ionized particle beams are shot at each other in a vacuum tube and thus generate the gravitational field.

The experiment with ionized radiation particles in the ultraviolet light range was successful.


First DNA computer to calculate the square root of 900.

Most recently, he has succeeded in using transcriptors (biological transistors) and DNA / RNA storage to create a DNA computer that can calculate down to the square root of 900.

Biological computers consist of biological transistors, called transcriptors, and DNA / RNA storage.

What use such computers will have in the future remains to be seen.

Researchers expect the technology to have much higher storage densities and lifetimes of up to several hundred years.

Possible applications would be as sub-processors in CPUs or military-class computers. Use in data centers as bio hard drives would also be possible, unless other technologies are more efficient. Or simply as long-term storage for large backups.

However, bio-computers could also represent the beginning of the quantum computer market.


Happy New Year 1990.

Today we celebrate 1990 according to Eastern historiography.

But why 1990? It's 2020 now.

The eastern European historiography differs significantly from the western historiography in the date.

For example, the dates were postponed by 30 years until the invention of book printing.

While one faith counted the date from the birth of Jesus, the other has it from death.

It was only with the invention of Gutenberg book printing that both data were combined.

Now that we don't know what date we have, it could just as well be 1990 or 2050 after the birth of Jesus, pi times thumb.

Happy New Year.


Data leak at Einhell.

The German tool manufacturer Einhell was hacked.

All company data may soon be publicly viewable if no ransom is paid.

The Einhell Group employs approximately 1,600 people around the world and has a turnover of approximately 577 million euros. That makes about 360,000 euros in sales per employee. A proud value when the German GDP is approx. 34,000 euros per capita.

Too bad the patents and developments are now landing all over the world. You should have hired a cyber security expert out of your millions. Too stupid but you probably don't have any important patents;)


Intel develops machine programming (MP).

Developers at Intel are using machine learning to lay the foundation for artificial intelligence, machine programming.

In the near future it will be possible to create automatically created programs or to machine-debug existing programs.

Machine learning is a basic building block when it comes to creating a real AI like Cortana in Halo or Jarvis in Iron Man. There is a lot of talk about AI in the media, but these are only scripted or learned for a certain area using ML, this does not constitute artificial intelligence. Artificial yes, intelligent no.

Above all, the automatic debugging and correction of errors in programs should be interesting for many companies and users at the beginning.

Machine programming would make work easier for many programmers, but such a framework also requires a lot of resources.


Sent from Xiaomi smartphones home.

If you already switch on all suggested cloud functions on Xiaomi smartphones, you will notice that phone calls are also saved in the cloud. However, this can be switched off using an option.

Another thing is the empty folders with a lot of metadata. This metadata is usually used to program Trojans.

Even the simplest cleaners will find these folders and clean them up, but they'll be right back, e.g. the folder Xiao´s Logs. It is also always empty.

In addition, the Miui systems communicate background without this being restricted.

The standard contacts app and the phone cannot be replaced by third-party apps and therefore pose an even greater risk.

On my 6GB Ram smartphone, even after uninstalling most apps and immediately after cleaning, at least 2.6GB are always in use. That always goes up to approx. 4Gb after a short use.

This has long been normal with Samsung phones, which are also overloaded with bloatware and spyware. But there is almost nothing on my Xiaomi smartphone that would make this rash.

With the Android system we are already prostitutes. With the Miui system we also serve China with our data. Fortunately, the amount of data is too large to be evaluated by humans.


Data transfer at the quantum level using silicon chips.

Researchers have now succeeded in exchanging data at the quantum level with conventional silicon-based chips for the first time.

The researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) have successfully transferred data.

Quantum teleportation enables data to be sent and received almost anywhere in the cosmos.

This is the first step when mankind wants to fly further than just the moon.

Real-time communication is a basic element when it comes to flying to Mars.

Data currently takes several minutes to reach Mars.

Which data rates can be expected in the near future remains unclear, however, it is a completely new technology.


Strange IQ test from the Süddeutsche Newspaper.

Today I came across a strange IQ test.

The newspaper offers an IQ-test on their homepage.

In itself, that's nothing special. However, if you progress to the number test, you realize that something is wrong.

The results are numbers from Nazi numerology. The calculation methods are extremely vague and partly incomprehensible, but the result.

The sad thing is that such tests are also practiced by authorities.

First, the result, the calculation path is somehow behind. If you do not understand Nazi Crypto you are relentlessly stuck.